Let your strategy trade for you

StalexBot enables you to automate your trading across Binance SPOT and FUTURES, so you can prevent your emotions from getting involved in your trades and rely on data to do its job.

Build, backtest, trade

Using our visual strategy builder, you can easily build complex trading systems. Indicators we use are all visible on TradingView, so you can always take a look visually at what you're working with. We greatly advice you to make use of our backtesting tool: test your strategies before going live!

Faster execution

Compared to other trading bots, StalexBot can execute strategies very quickly: each bot runs on its own server, and doesn't rely on a third party like TradingView. This enables the bots to execute trades as soon as the signal fires.


"Paths; we take paths in our lives; we take paths in our trades; each trade is a living organism. It will either succeed or fail but nevertheless, you should have a plan for each one.

Using Stalex, you forsee the possible paths your baby-trade can take.

LOVE IT! Period."


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