Build, test, trade

Let your strategy trade for you

Why trade with StalexBot?

The key features

1/4: Quick strategy building

Quickly build your own strategy in the visual builder. Compare indicator values with each other to build the paths you want your bot to take in the trade.

Not that familiar with technical indicators? Take a template strategy or a strategy from our strategy center and start editing them!

2/4: Flexible backtesting

Select any 1 year period from any coin on your exchange to backtest your strategy on historical data. This helps you confirm if your strategy has a high chance of working or not.

Past data cannot promise the same results in the future, but can give a good indication.

3/4: Easy trading

Easily start your bot and manage your trades through the StalexBot UI: optionally set a manual stoploss and/or takeprofit for each individual trade you make.

Your StalexBot can keep you updated with your positions via Telegram too, so you never miss out on the action.

4/4: Extensive overview

View your bot performance per day: how many trades did you take, did you gain or lose and how much? The daily summary of things you want to know about your bot.

Closed positions are also visible with all their individual details on the trade history page.

Securely hosted

Your StalexBot runs on its own server and is always monitored by our team. The calculations the bot has to iterate require enough computing power, which we ensure by hosting the bot for you.

You're in control

The crystal clear user interface of StalexBot makes you instantly feel in control and know what is happening. You can easily change strategies and stop, start or restart your bot at any time.

Advanced strategies

Using our state of the art 3D strategy builder, you can build complex strategies in minutes and run just seconds after that. We're always there to help you to build your strategy too.

Powerful insights

View the performance of the bot per day in raw data and charts to see how it is performing. Using this information, you can decide to tweak your strategy and get the most out of it.

Device flexibility

StalexBot works perfectly on desktop, tablet and mobile phone. Leaving your workstation? Almost all features from the desktop version work on tablets and phones!

Telegram integration

Connect your StalexBot to a Telegram bot to keep you informed via the Telegram chat about positions opening and closing. Also use commands like /positions, /monitor and /balance!


What our users say

"Paths; we take paths in our lives; we take paths in our trades; each trade is a living organism. It will either succeed or fail but nevertheless, you should have a plan for each one.

Using Stalex, you forsee the possible paths your baby-trade can take.

LOVE IT! Period."


"I use stalexbot for months now and I have to say I'm a true beginner in building strategies. Today, stalex offers me a way to create my own strat, to backtest these strats and to run.
You can either use an existing strategy, use the strat your friend made or either create it yourself with a ton of tools available.

The UI is pretty insane and the two developers behind this project are truly involved and are updating stalex few times a week. They are 100% available and connected to their community. It's a true strength."


We keep it simple

Just two different plans: SPOT & FUTURES

NOTE: License prices will be higher in the future, however if bought now, renewals will stay at this rate

Spot license

Trade on your favorite spot market: BTC, ETH, BNB or any other market you prefer without leverage.

€17.49 / month *

Futures license

Trade all pairs on Binance futures with leverage. You can also use this license on SPOT bots.

€24.49 / month *

* when billing annually

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What do I get during my 7 day free trial?

You receive the highest tier plan, meaning you can trade automatically on Binance SPOT and Binance Futures. There are no restrictions during this 7-day trial.

Do I have to leave my PC on to keep running a bot?

No. Every StalexBot runs 24/7 on its own private server to guarantee the best uptime and best performance. There's nothing you need to worry about.

Do I need any prior knowledge about trading to use StalexBot?

Having prior experience while greatly help you when configuring a bot and a strategy. However, it is not mandatory: there are premade strategies available.

Are my funds safe with StalexBot?

StalexBot utilizes your exchange's API. This means StalexBot instructs the exchange to place orders. As long as your API key settings don't have withdrawal enabled, the money can in no way leave your account.